Anticipation: Actualisation was a three part presentation of live performance, panel discussion and written response, organised by in:Action (Dr. EL Putnam & Sara Muthi) for the NCAD Gallery and in collaboration with a wide range of artists, scholars and writers specialising in performance practice. This event is an attempt to explore the complex relationship between the performing body and selected materials, to posit a critique of the body’s dominance in performance art discourse.

The event is designed as an experiment without a predetermined conclusion though there are three designated outcomes; a one hour live performance, a panel discussion following the live performance and three written responses to be published on in:Action.

Performers: Paula Fitzsimons, Leann Herlihy , Ciara McKeon, Rachael Rankin
Panelists: Dr. Hilary Murray , Dr. Sarah Pierce, Nigel Rolfe
Writers: Jack Beglin, Tara Carroll, Jesse Hopkins, Dr. Francis Halsall

Documentation: Misha Beglin