there is still much to do – a response to the work of Julia Dubsky

It is this sew-saw of control that Dubsky utilises that elevates her delicate confidence. The image of the painting is immediate, it can be considered casual or brushed on. Dare I say rushed. But it is the security Dubsky has in her discernment and her carefully chosen materials that I believe grant works such as Baby Sharing (2018) it’s success.

half-way to cyborg-city*

*a liminal-point at which a hybrid entity consisting of organic human and technological mechanisms is in the process of becoming a cyborg, though does not yet have a body. The ‘city’ in this case suggests a hypothetical destination in which the cyborg is integrated into contemporary metropolitan society.

HOMO LUDENS (Man at Play) Accompanying text

New Babylon, as imagined by Constant Nieuwenhuys, was a space undefinably large or small. A city for spontaneous interaction and moveable architecture. A playground enabling a diversity of behaviour, an environment which follows the activities of life, not vice versa. Imagine such a city. It’s habitants free from imperative labour due to automated systems taking initiative over their fundamental needs, a people whose sole purpose would be constant discovery, a man at play, a Homo Ludens.

Young, single and ready to navigate through complex issues regarding temporality and time

PLATFORM creates ample opportunities for emerging artists to exhibit, grow and consider their practice in light of their peers. Spaces for fresh creative freedom, in which things may be tried and tested in a critical context such as this are few and far between. This makes PLATFORM’s success in bridging gaps between contemporary life, culture and experimental arts practice all the more important in today’s contemporary art climate.

Copy that, Kapton

In writing about performance I would usually not spend any amount of time in the description of the space surrounding the performance. With that said, the space that situates the performance is so thoroughly inseparable from the performance that it would have been non-sensical to not textually indulge in this rich scenario by Sam Keogh.